The renowned DofE Award started in 1956 and gives young people a challenge, a real sense of fulfilment as well as a highly-regarded certification.


Whatever level the participant or group, with the right input and an open mind, we all have the ability to embrace positive change and encourage personal development.


Time away from home experiencing Outdoor Education is always beneficial. Stretching comfort zones results in positive character development.


Discovering, Exploring, Conserving and Sharing, BOLD Adventures supporting the John Muir Trust in developing young people with transferable skills.

Why we do What we do.

It really is, ALL about you! This is NOT a cliché. We strive to help you be all you can be, we encourage and empower you, to not just do enough, but to work harder and raise your current level of beliefs, values and performance. We will not accept minimal effort, we require total application, we want you to grow and develop professionally, and this requires you to remove yourself from your comfort zone and come to where the magic occurs, if of course, you let it, and if you positively contribute to it there could be something really special. In essence we want you to be wholly successful, not just whilst with us but in your careers and lives moving forward.

Available Courses

Bold Adventures are passionate about the outdoors and enthusiastic about those participants who want to pursue their interest in educational awards and we want to ensure they are fully supported in achieving their goals.

We provide an unforgettable experience while imparting the tools to develop young and amazing individuals.

We have never cancelled a course or let people down, we would rather run at minimal or zero profit than let our clients have to find a course at the last minute...