John Muir Award

The Award can be Incorporated into other Training and is a valid and credible learning and developmental opportunity for young people. Getting the ‘Muir Message’ out there is crucial; experiencing, enjoying and encouraging participation are at the heart of the ‘Muir Mantra’ and being involved in the Award will heighten awareness of the BOLD legacy he has gifted to us all.

The John Muir Award is:
• Open and welcoming to all, regardless of age, sex, race, class or ability
• Focused on wild places
• Non-competitive
• Fun and adventurous
• Challenging and progressive
• Established to encourage personal responsibility for wild places
• Designed to promote personal development
• An opportunity to explore values and spirituality
• Designed to be delivered in partnerships
• Relevant to wider issues and contexts

To achieve a John Muir Award, participants must

• Complete the required time commitment
• Show enthusiasm and commitment towards their Award involvement
• Have an awareness of John Muir, his life and achievements
• Understand outdoor access issues relevant to location and activities undertaken
• Comply with all Health and Safety and insurance requirements of the organisation delivering Award activities

Discover a wild place

  • Explore it
  • Conserve it
  • Share your experiences

Pay it forward concept: giving back to others.

In this option our local environment will prosper and benefit from our attendees and activities as we look to address areas that need attention or improvement ~ our part in meeting the award will require us to be in and about the local countryside, where situations currently exist that can be made better or significantly improved, for the benefit of one and all.

John Muir Award