YOU can become a BOLD Ambassador!

This prestigious opportunity is open to all participants who have completed one of our GOLD Residential Weeks.

reward scheme badgeIf you enjoyed your Residential with us, we bet you’d love to re-engage, come back and join the BOLD Leaders again. As one of our Ambassadors you are entitled to return for another Residential for FREE, simply paying a food-only cover of £50 for the week, with all accommodation and activities included. You can’t say no to this incredible development opportunity! You’d have the chance to dive back into adventure and contribute to the success of others by helping Leaders deliver each day, inspiring them with your own skills. Or why not try out some new activities on a different course? This is a great chance to continue your personal development, building positive qualities including Leadership, Confidence and Team Working.

On top of this exclusive offer, we can also offer you employment references and outdoor skills information, plus careers, expedition and sporting advice. There’s a lot we can offer through guidance and mentoring – whether or not you choose to come back. Our Leaders have such a wealth of knowledge and experience that we’d just love to share with you, all you have to do is ask. Don’t hesitate to call or email and we’d love to give back to you.

We don’t know of any other Provider which offers this scheme…

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Sound good to you?

If you would like to become a BOLD Ambassador, simply email us with your name, the date and title of course you attended and a few words explaining what your BOLD Residential has done for you and why you’d like to be an Ambassador. Then just pick an upcoming Residential of your choice!

First Aid At Work – Multi Activity Week – High Tempo Football Coaching – Mountain Skills – Cycle Of Life – Heart In Art – Survival Outdoor Skills – Mountain Biking – Signature Dish – And Much More!

peak district scenic viewsPerhaps life is getting too busy, the pressure of stresses and the world’s hustle and bustle is building up? As an Ambassador, you could come for a quick getaway with us in your time of need! Leave behind the confines of a hectic life and spend a refreshing week on one of our Residentials in peace and quiet. We know you can be mature and independent, so don’t feel forced to do the activities. We can arrange for you to stay with us and be around positive people in the BOLD atmosphere, but have the day to yourself to explore and relax in our beautiful area as you choose.

Don’t feel like you are a stranger to us – it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, we remember a face and we’ll always be here for you. From the moment we meet, the BOLD Leaders want to remain a part of your personal development and are here to keep giving back to you along your journey.

Email or call 0114 286 46 26

We look forwards to seeing you again soon!