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Our adventure activities are proven for their ability to transform individuals and unlock new potential, as well as being unforgettable bonding fun outdoors. We would like to offer this opportunity to your employees and give them the chance to try something new and adventurous which boosts both motivation and team morale. Have a look at our Corporate Opportunities for more…

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Residential Packages for your Employee Reward or Health & Wellbeing schemes

Reward your high-performing employees for excellent performance in the form of a trip away to show your appreciation for their effort, success and achievement. Or simply step back from the workplace for a few days in a healthy, nourishing environment. Our beneficial Enrichment programmes aim to make staff more aware of how lifestyle behaviours can influence current and future health, both physical and mental. These residentials also help employees to improve in key areas such as communication, trust, problem solving and self-confidence through team tasks and training sessions. If there are any particular areas to be worked on we can tailor the course to develop these as desired, with specific tasks and challenges. Our experience over the years working with various groups shows that we provide tangible results!

Residential Packages

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“Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” Vince Lombardi

The Bolsterstone Challenge – Our very own Competitive Corporate Team Event!

This 2-day programme gives your staff the opportunity to gain a new edge back in the workplace by learning well-recognised and respected leadership skills of Special Forces and Outdoor Professionals. Including high performance in exciting and challenging scenarios, this is a great opportunity for management staff or up-and-coming young executives in what always proves to be a most rewarding experience with plenty of thrills and spills along the way!

Why do it? People who have taken part in the past tell us that they have greater self-confidence, enhanced communication skills and a better understanding of leadership and teamwork. Investment in employees leads to more engaged and motivated staff, eager to take problems into their own hands whilst driving the success of the whole team forwards.

Team Building: Why It Works

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We can offer bespoke packages with dates and activities to suit your needs. Just let us know your goals and we will help you exceed them!