We’re developing an exciting interactive app that will allow you to prepare for your expedition on the go, in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you like. The app meets all the learning criteria for Residentials ]and the flexibility avoids the need to give up weekends/evenings for training sessions. It’s also great for anyone going on their first expedition that wants to make sure they have the knowledge needed to be safe whilst exploring. The app should be ready for February

What is included?

  • The app includes a series of topics on outdoor learning.
  • The opportunity to test your knowledge at the end of each section and to print a certificate at the end.
  • We have additional inputs for the John Muir Award, presentation skills and looking after your mental health whilst on expeditions and day-to-day


  • The app encourages autonomous learning – a great skill for young people hoping to go on to higher education.
  • Using the app avoids students having to miss hobbies/weekends/class time to carry out expedition training.