Welcome to all Pocklington participants/ parents and guardians:

Here you will find all the latest updates for your school’s Duke of Edinburgh’s Programme at Bronze, Silver and GOLD!

We’re excited to be welcoming you and are looking forwards to working with the receptive, confident learners Pocklington has a great reputation for producing! The DofE provides plenty of opportunities for young people to inspire and learn from each other and the majestic outdoors. Here at BOLD, we provide a forward thinking team of leaders with years of experience giving robust professional service. Over the years, Pocklinton students have shown themselves to be of high standard and with great potential for success.

Coming in to your DofE Award, bear in this in mind: The more you put in, the more you get out! The experience is meant to be a character building and an experiential learning opportunity, so well done for signing up to the challenge in the first instance. We welcome the decision to move Pocklington expeditions to Bolsterstone, benefiting groups with our picturesque terrain, convenient campsites and area rich for learning opportunities.

We are proud of our now 7 year relationship going from strength to strength. BOLD Director Mark Harrop is proud to have met Richard Annand VC [citation], a former Pocklington old boy, down at Blandford Forum in 1998/9: an incredible embodiment of the determination, courage and tenacity that we aim to develop in all our young people. We look forwards to meeting the eager participants at Bronze, Silver and Gold level in the coming months and continuing our partnership.

Expedition training and practice – 2018:

Sunday 22nd April – Silver Training Day: One BOLD Leader to Pocklington School for a one-day refresher session with the Silver Groups.

26th – 28th May – Silver Practice / Gold Training Expeditions: Practice Expeditions running out of our Bolsterstone base, covering essential hiking, camping and outdoor skills as specified in the DofE guidelines.

More updates to follow nearer the time.

Expedition Notes

Based out of our local Bolsterstone site, walking routes take in the finest Peak District scenery and offer plenty of exciting navigation through fields, moorland and forest. The Bolsterstone area is perfectly suited to managing multiple expeditions and providing beautiful, wild scenery to explore. The expedition area is completely bounded by arterial roads which make ideal safety catchment features for groups to navigate towards in case of emergency and allow rapid access to leaders. We will have some female Leaders / Points of contact for female participants to share any comments or personal matters with, so that is a lot fairer than just male Leaders being present and available for all male participants to share their woes and concerns with! We are trying to be as responsive to feedback as possible to make the experience challenging yet still wholly achievable.

Resources and Advice

Below are some suggestions for food, drink and kit during the expedition. Whilst this has likely been covered extensively already, we’d like to emphasise the ‘Big Seven’: Waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, sunhat, sunglasses, warm hat, alternative footwear (e.g. sandals/trainers/flip-flops) and waterproof rucksack liners/bags. Although the DofE do not designate all of these items as essential, we believe they are vital for a safe, comfortable expedition and strongly recommend they are packed alongside the other essential kit. We do everything for a reason; whilst under the supervision of BOLD Adventures all participants should try to meet our standards for kit and performance in order to gain the best outdoor knowledge and experience. Understanding the importance of having correct kit is all part of effective preparation and avoids us having to lend out items at the last minute.

Naturally all participants should come prepared for sudden changes in conditions as we learn to expect in this country! For a more detailed up-to-date forecast, High Bradfield is the nearest listed location covered by the Met Office: Link here.

Link to the Official DofE Suggested Kit List

Meal Ideas Handout
DofE 20 Guiding Principles

Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions are designed to ‘develop self-reliance and self-confidence through isolation and remote supervision, overcoming challenges and managing risk as an independent group’.

As part of this principle we state that mobile phones are for emergency use ONLY, so that participants do not risk compromising their team’s expedition approach and outcomes. Phones must be kept switched off except when being used to communicate with Leaders, allowing participants to focus on enjoying new experiences and engaged with the task at hand. BOLD staff will happily contact Parents/Guardians if any updates are desired.

Remember, no news is good news!

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The view down from Bolsterstone looking towards our beautiful City, shrouded in morning mist.

If you have any enquiries, please contact info@boldadventures.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.