GOLD Residential – Beekeeping



We’re buzzing with excitement to bring you this NEW Residential in 2019!

Ever wanted to get hands-on with beekeeping and see where honey comes from? Now’s your chance with our NEW Beekeeping Residential.

The course will cover theory and practical elements from bee behaviour to honey extraction and candle making. Get hands on experience and learn from a trained professional.

Come away from the course with your very own handmade candles and a jar of BOLD branded honey.



                                                                                     Theory will cover:

    Natural history and physiology
    Bee behaviour and colony health

Equipment and safety

The beekeeping year

Honey & hive products



Practicals will consist of:

Honey extraction, filtering, jarring & labelling

Honey tasting

Rolled candle making

Microscopy – making and analysing slides of pollen from flowers

Preparing a frame with foundation

Film screening and discussion of ‘Vanishing of the Bees’


The course will be led by Phil Khorassandjian – Chair and Education Officer of Sheffield Beekeepers Association

He has been keeping bees for over 20 years, having started with top bar hives in Cameroon where he lived for nearly four years, working as an architect. He now keeps 30 colonies of bees in various apiaries in and around the City of Sheffield with his wife Cathy.

As well as honey production, Phil recycles wax into candles, polish, lip balm and candles and makes honey chocolates to his own unique recipes.

Amongst the prizes he has won, are Best Honey, Best in Show, Best Candles, Best Honey Chocolates, Best Honey Bread at the Sheffield Show, Best Light Honey at the Penistone Show, Best Bottled Ling Heather Honey at Countryside Live in Harrogate and a second for a Comb of Honey at the National Honey Show.

Phil also organises and co-runs Beginners’, Improvers’, and Microscopy courses. Learn from an expert in all things bees and come away from the course with a greater awareness of the value of bees.



The course costs £450.00 and this is one of our most expensive courses as there are additional fees to us owing to working through the Specialists in Bees, additional costings for clothing and equipment. We know the course is worth every penny and that the experience will Bee a lasting one! The costs include Food, accommodation, Leader support, protective clothing, jar of BOLD Honey, Candles, insurances, residential activity & developmental booklet, assessor and report, as well as the opportunity to achieve the John Muir Discovery Award at NO extra cost.

Interested? Email for more information or call 0114 4181 464

Our Team will even make the booking for you to take out all the hassle on your behalf. Whatever suits you is fine by us.

Don’t delay Bee on our course!

GOLD Residential – Beekeeping