GOLD Qualifying Expedition




Don’t be disappointed, book as soon as possible to ensure you achieve your aim and meet your goals.
Whatever you’ve experienced up and until now or whoever you have worked with before, with us here at BOLD Adventures you will realise that we truly have your best interests and success at our heart.
We will sensibly and with reasoned judgement stretch your comfort zones and raise your knowledge and abilities to meet with our interpretation of the Award.
We contextualise the Guiding Principles linking them to where they fit in your future career, personal relationships and life itself. Our good habits and structure will bolster your understanding and performance leaving you fulfilled with your achievement and hopefully empowered for the rest of your life.

Participants are expected to have their own Expedition equipment, however if they do not have a tent, rucksack or stove we can assist in this but there will be a small hire charge of £5 per item per day. We ask for this as it is to offset wear and tear and any cleaning charges necessary, as well as the cost when the item has to be one day replaced.

Going for GOLD? Go with BOLD.

GOLD Qualifying Expedition