Residential – Bring on the Band



We have set up a residential to cater for those who have the gift, talent or interest in Performing Arts. So if you can sing and/or play an instrument, and both love and live with or for music then this is the opportunity for you!

Each of our residential courses features a friendly arrivals, introductions and team building session to help you settle in and get to know the venue, your peers and the expectations, from you and us as the Leaders of the group. At the end of the week, one-to-one evaluations, reflections and summary session allow you to see everything you’ve gained and plan your next adventure!

Our residential courses can also qualify you for a John Muir Award by giving you the chance to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places. With many wild places to discover in our immediate vicinity, this award involves spending some time exploring a natural area, contributing to its conservation and sharing your experience through a medium of your choice. This will require some light group work ongoing throughout the week, involving conservation such as community maintenance, a litter pick or some other action which gives back to the local area. We find this to be a really important part of what Outdoor Education and development is about, and is an aspect of the course that has an awful lot to offer.

Residential – Bring on the Band