GOLD Residential – Heads Up Hockey



“Success is in your preparation and training”

Owing to the recent success of our National Hockey Teams we have been inspired to launch this themed Residential opportunity, giving DofE participants the exciting chance to build on this growing enthusiasm. Sheffield has an array of superb sporting facilities and a plethora of Hockey Teams making it an excellent base for this unique residential.

The first time this course ran was in the Summer of 2018 and the participants were magnificent. They competed strongly with the more mature and familiar with one another team from Sheffield. The Residential Team WON their game!

This fast-paced week of training, performance and feedback is ideal for anyone with a passion for hockey wanting to take their game to the next level. During your experience we encourage you to share your own ideas on what makes a great player, using inspiration from someone who inspires you.

An experienced coach will help you to recognise and develop the qualities required for success both on and off the pitch.

On the first day all participants receive some low level appraisal of their skills, allowing tailored advice from our dedicated coach for the rest of the week. This is followed in the next days with delivery of relevant coaching sessions to cover key aspects including handling skills, tactics, nutrition and stretching. To give you an understanding of how hockey teams operate from a broader perspective, we then delve behind the scenes and look into how the team manager, coaches and physiotherapist cover the motivation, training and mental aspects of the game. These workshops aim to give an appreciation of many subtle points, such as how to correctly fuel a team for performance and recovery or keeping positive during difficult times.

Alongside these practical skills, we hold a series of discussions exploring views of current and controversial topics in sport, such as equality and inclusiveness, the role of referees and higher organisations or even hooliganism and racism in sports. These powerful debates help shape your opinions and bring a better context to your knowledge. Seeing how hockey can fit into the wider world helps apply your game skills to real life situations.

Depending on the timing of suitable fixtures, there may be the possibility to view and analyse pre-season friendlies between local clubs, allowing you to put your new knowledge to the test and evaluate the performance of a real team, just like a professional coach is expected to do. A comparison of field and ice hockey will help you to appreciate the specific aspects of your discipline.

There are also plenty of chances to play yourself, building up to competitive games to finish the week. We work with local coaches to match the GOLD group against local teams who will be keen to test your newly formed team unity, skills and abilities in game situations. Priority is not placed on your ability, but rather the effort and passion you can bring to the side – we value your competitiveness and personal victory over challenges and will ensure everyone gets equal game time. So, if you love hockey and want a deeper appreciation then sign up now!

Participants are required to bring their own clothing as suits them to play in, including hockey kit, sticks, suitable bad weather gear, footwear for grass/astro/synthetic pitches, tracky/ shorts, drinks bottles etc.  If you have any special kit for your personal needs (such as hydration fluids or medical kit) then please do bring these along too!

Each of our residentials feature a friendly arrivals, introductions and team-building session to help you settle in and get to know the group. At the end of the week, one-to-one evaluations, reflections and summary session allow you to see everything you’ve gained and plan your next adventures.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the DofE Gold Award, our residentials can also qualify you for a John Muir Award by giving you the chance to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places. With many wild places to discover in our immediate vicinity, this award involves spending some time exploring a natural area, contributing to its conservation and sharing your experience through a medium of your choice. This will require some light group work ongoing throughout the week, involving conservation such as village maintenance, a litter-pick or some other action which gives back to the local area.

Cost is £350.00 including all food, accommodation, Hockey Coach, supporting Leaders, nutritional guidance, playing fees, sports therapist, insurances, residential activity and development booklet, assessment and course report.


This course will contextualise all necessary Guiding Principles within a Hockey framework and deliver your GOLD Residential in style.

Drop us a message at if you’re interested and we will update you on the latest information.

Sheffield –    0114 268 6669

London –      0203 169 8010

Edinburgh – 0131 540 8010

Just choose the best number for you, our TEAM are awaiting your call. To avoid any hassle or worries making the booking they can help you with that, so you book to avoid disappointment and also so you get ‘peace of mind’ leaving you to concentrate on other pressing matters.

We look forward to working with the participant to help them complete the Residential Section.

Going for GOLD? Go with BOLD.

GOLD Residential – Heads Up Hockey