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This course is ideal for someone who has an interest or passion for Art in its many forms. You will share skills, ideas and passions with your peers each day whilst visiting galleries and honing your interests. We will provide opportunities to you budding artists to share your thoughts and inspiration as well as having a go at some new techniques. The week will include external visits to galleries, parks and beautiful scenic areas for you to be given the opportunity to try your hand at a variety of artful mediums. Our active approach acts as an accompaniment to formal education, helping to expand and develop your knowledge, skills and experiences in ways that school cannot. All you need to get involved is the passion!

The week offers a schedule packed with opportunities to deepen your interest and understanding of art and its power:

·         Develop your own artistic skills and techniques by practicing as a group

·         Share your passion with others and learn to appreciate new styles and media, by trying new techniques and in group discussions

·         Take inspiration from famous works on display in several major galleries in the area, including The Hepworth (Wakefield) and the

one-of-a-kind  Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

·         Gain a broader context of local artists’ cultural, social and political heritage by visiting important industrial or historical museums

art outdoor activityVisit the tranquil woodlands filled with curious stone statues and keep your eyes peeled to discover faces peering out from the rock. We’ll give you an insight into this unique and exciting style of working with natural material to produce some very special creative pieces.

The final itinerary for the week’s visits will be finalised closer the time and can be tailored to suit your interests if there are any exhibitions of special personal interest. There will be plenty of chances to discuss and reflect upon what you have learned, both in urban coffee shops or out in the nearby green hills. We believe that a relaxing environment with like-minded individuals brings out the best artistic insights and will give you the encouragement to continue following your own passions. Throughout the week you will be based in functional accommodation on the periphery of the countryside, allowing you to take inspiration from the raw beauty of the local landscape.

Bring your own creative media and materials/equipment if you have them so that you can show the group how you like to create! In turn you’ll pick up interesting ideas from the other participants and maybe develop a new interest of your own. If you have a portfolio of your own art pieces we welcome you to bring this along to further learning within the group.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the DofE Gold Award, our residentials can also qualify you for a John Muir Award by giving you the chance to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places. With many wild places to discover in our immediate vicinity, this award involves spending some time exploring a natural area, contributing to its conservation and sharing your experience through a medium of your choice – an ideal complement to the Heart in Art theme!

The course costs £350.00 and includes food, accommodation, Leader support, transport once on the course, insurances, mentoring, residential activity & developmental booklet, assessor and report.

Provided you bring the enthusiasm, the John Muir Award is undertaken and awarded at NO extra cost.

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We obviously look forward to any opportunity to working with the participant in order to enable them the opportunity to complete their Residential Section.

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GOLD Residential Heart in Art in Sheffield