GOLD Residential Mountain Biking Yorkshire



This course is ideal for those who don’t have as much experience mountain biking and are looking to improve their skills and ability.

Already a confident Mountain Bike rider looking to do something more? Here we are signposting you really well. Our Mountain Bike Leader course trains you to become a qualified coach and is more appropriate for those who have lots of technical skills and confidence.

Our local area is home to the hand-built course envisioned and immortalised by the former World Champion Steve Peat. The abundance of cycling venues in the immediate area makes us perfectly placed to offer up this awesome opportunity for all avid trail riders or even those amongst you who wish to try something relatively new. Our Mountain Bike Leaders are selected to adapt the course to suit you as participant: We want you to come and get out into the local area, with each day yours to discuss with your Leaders, determine and ride routes and areas of your choice!

Mud, thrills and no doubt a few spills, but lots of fun and camaraderie with like-minded enthusiasts at varied levels. Remember Mountain Biking is an extreme sport, you need to wear protective elbow, shoulder and knee pads.

A series of relevant coaching sessions will cover key aspects including handling skills, bike mechanics, riding safety and first aid. You will then have the chance to get stuck in on courses that will build your confidence, exploring much of the area including local favourites Grenoside, Wharncliffe and Lady Canning’s. We will progress from simple trails up to more exciting routes, match you against appropriate trails to test your newly formed skills and abilities in the saddle.

Our friendly Mountain Bike Leader Jon has an extensive training background, having cycled from being a young lad in the very woods which you will also ride and experience in the week. With truly well-honed skills on both cross-country events and 24 Hour Endurance Races, Jon also delivers personal training activities and is a member of a Mountain Bike Race Team (KTM Imp Sport). Throughout the week Jon will guide you on a series of group rides in the local area and provide tailored advice to help your performance. We help you to recognise and develop the qualities required for success both on and off the trail!

This fast-paced week of training, performance and feedback is ideal for anyone with a passion for biking wanting to take their ride to the next level.

Alongside the practical skills, we hold a series of discussions exploring views of current and controversial topics in sport, such as equality and inclusiveness, the role of higher organisations and doping. These powerful debates help shape your opinions and bring a better context to your knowledge. Seeing how biking can fit into the wider world helps apply your sports skills to real life situations.

Steve ‘Sheffield Steel’ Peat

During your experience we encourage you to share your own ideas on what makes a great rider, using inspiration from someone who inspires you. These mini inputs give an appreciation of many subtle points, such as how find the correct mindset before a tough run or keeping positive during difficult times.

Priority is not placed on your ability, but rather the effort and passion you can bring to the week – we value your determination and personal victory over challenges and will ensure everyone gets equal attention. So, if you are enthused by the prospect mud, mechanics and meeting with like-minded enthusiasts this surely has to be the Residential for you!

Participants are required to bring their own bicycle plus clothing as suits them to ride in, including functional cycling kit, suitable bad weather gear, footwear, tracky bottoms/ shorts to keep warm in, drinks bottles etc. If you have any special kit for your personal needs (such as hydration fluids or medical kit) then please do bring these along too! We can help arrange something if you do not have some things.

The course costs £350.00, which includes all food, accommodation, Cycling escorts/guides, supporting Leaders, insurances, nutritionist, masseur, sports therapist, residential activity development booklet, assessment and course report.

Each of our residentials feature a friendly arrivals, introductions and team-building session to help you settle in and get to know the group. At the end of the week, one-to-one evaluations, reflections and summary session allow you to see everything you’ve gained and plan your next adventures.
In addition to meeting the requirements of the DofE Gold Award, our residentials can also qualify you for a John Muir Award by giving you the chance to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places. With many wild places to discover in our immediate vicinity, this award involves spending some time exploring a natural area, contributing to its conservation and sharing your experience through a medium of your choice. This will require some light group work ongoing throughout the week, involving conservation such as village maintenance, a litter-pick or some other action which gives back to the local area.

Want to ride but without the mud? Check out our other course, Cycle Of Life.

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We look forward to working with the participant to help them complete the Residential Section.

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GOLD Residential Mountain Biking Yorkshire