Residential – Mountain Biking



This course is ideal for those who don’t have as much experience mountain biking and are looking to improve their skills and ability.

Already a confident Mountain Bike rider looking to do something more? Here we are signposting you really well. Our Mountain Bike Leader course trains you to become a qualified coach and is more appropriate for those who have lots of technical skills and confidence.

Our local area is home to the hand-built course envisioned and immortalised by the former World Champion Steve Peat. The abundance of cycling venues in the immediate area makes us perfectly placed to offer up this awesome opportunity for all avid trail riders or even those amongst you who wish to try something relatively new. Our Mountain Bike Leaders are selected to adapt the course to suit you as participant: We want you to come and get out into the local area, with each day yours to discuss with your Leaders, determine and ride routes and areas of your choice!

Residential – Mountain Biking