GOLD Residential Mountain Skills Yorkshire



Finish off 2019 in fine style by completing your Residential section

Perfect for budding Mountaineers, this course complements the skills already developed in your DofE Expedition sections, taking your mountain knowledge up to a highly competent standard. Exercises include learning security on steep slopes, how to get the best out of a rope, learning how to make harnesses, how to set up secure anchors and be able to utilise the rope in a variety of ways. We will also introduce other Mountain Skills and develop your rope work throughout. Come and experience a range of classic Peak District locations, giving you ample opportunity to test your learning. Our experienced leaders will also deliver important underpinning Mountain theory to compliment the practical skills, embedding understanding and a broad confidence for your outdoor future. This course also includes a Festive Meal as it is over the days just before Christmas.

The Mountain Skills Course will further develop the Participant for their future exposures in the hills, mountains or on the rock face. This course will cover Practical points including:

  • Mountain Safety rulesMountain skills residential
  • SURVIVAL acronym and adverse condition coping strategies
  • Bouldering and basic climbing techniques
  • Group leadership and dynamics
  • Security on steep slopes
  • Ice axe carriage and uses
  • Rope-work and roping up
  • Knots, knots and more knots, getting the best out of a rope!
  • Belaying
  • Winter Hazards and identification of risk
  • Outdoor and remote scenarios to empower and prepare you for the unexpected. 

Over the course of the week there will be excellent chances to lead and be in control of the group, developing your ability to take responsibility and demonstrate confident leadership. The group will also cover relocation techniques and route selection factors to take your existing DofE navigation skills to the next level. This course is delivered by highly qualified and experienced Leaders with well thought-out and scripted micro teaches: theory complimented periodically with practical to embed and further develop the associated skills.Night navigation and micro navigation exercises will impart further skills enabling you to consider undertaking a Leader Award. Rope-tensioned river crossings, a challenging series of abseils and an exciting yet suitably challenging Tyrolean traverse top off the week.

We will cover the additional ‘soft’ theory points before heading out onto the rock:

  • Group Dynamics and LeadershipGold Duke of Edinburgh activity
  • Harnesses
  • Motivational and Aspirational discussions
  • Problem Solving
  • Rope Stretchers
  • Search and Rescue Scenarios
  • Team Building
  • Theoretical Scenarios and Workshops
  • ABC of Leadership and SETT – Specialist Exercises in Team Training
  • River Crossing: Theory and methods

As well as your Mountain Skills we carry out some small-scale social impact projects from which the community benefits and where you as a Participant can gain a John Muir Discovery Award. This is a great way to show your appreciation for the outdoors and give back to the area, again achieved through a blend of theory and practical inputs.

The Scheduled Programme may be adapted in regards to timings and delivery owing to the variable winter weather conditions. Necessary alterations may be made taking into account weather and other circumstances, but we endeavour to give you a really engaging and valuable week of new and useful skills. The timings and details could change but in any case the week will cover the aims and objectives as outlined by the DofE.

Team Building Mountaineering course

All accommodation, food, mentoring, guidance, Leader support, insurances, residential activity & developmental booklet, assessment and course report as well as the chance to achieve a John Muir Discovery Award at NO extra cost, hard to believe that you get all this for £350.00.

The venue is in the heart of Yorkshire 11 miles NW of the City of Sheffield on the periphery of the Countryside.

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GOLD Residential Mountain Skills Yorkshire