GOLD Residential Open Water Swimming




What more tranquil way is there to attend and pass your GOLD Residential?

There is a need to be able to swim, ability groups can be implemented so that all personal needs and requirements are met.

In this activity all swims will be thoroughly conducted from start to finish, all participants will have relevant safety attire. Additionally clear, simple and effective talks can pay dividends so throughout the week every challenge will be within swimmer abilities. Where possible there will be challenge in order to employ the ‘stretch and achieve’ model.

After the swims there will be the opportunity to re-warm, by a pre built and lit fire in a fire pit, as well as having the opportunity to use the toilet, also to ensure they re-hydrate as well as keep warm. A fairly big part of the course is about talking and being accepting of others on the course.

Activities like this focus the mind and create super collaborative morale.

The course costs £350.00 which includes all food, accommodation, mentoring, swim Leader(s), insurances, residential activity and developmental booklet, swim floats, wet-suit if required, assessor observation and course report.  A splash for the cost!

They can, if you wish, take your booking over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

If this has spiked your interests we would welcome a conversation? We are sure you will like what you hear!

So don’t delay, book with BOLD Today.

GOLD Residential Open Water Swimming