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secret agent spyWe aren’t going to reveal all the details of our surveillance course – no one will. It remains shrouded in some mystery, so come along if you want to delve deeper…

DISCLAIMER: No aspect of this course is in breach of the Official Secrets Act.

Surveillance is the monitoring of behaviour, activities, or other changing information for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting people’

Foundation Surveillance topics are covered through bitesize chunks of small group teaching sessions followed by practical opportunities to try out and learn key techniques. We include:

spy agent fun activity>Investigation: Using a range of scenario case studies we test your puzzle solving, investigation and logical reasoning skills.
>Preparation and Analysis: Work off maps to extract information, analyse and relate facts to the group.
>Observation: Practice how to accurately describe a person, weapons or cars. There is even a photography aspect – bring your own equipment if you can.
>Communications: Become familiar with the language and codes used in surveillance procedures.
>Operations: Prepare routes, make observations, be aware of agents. Learn how to carry out an equipment drop off/collect.
>Identity protection: Development of your ‘grey man’ character, a cover story and the ability to think on your feet when things don’t go to plan.
>Camouflage and concealment: Train yourself not to act suspiciously until it becomes second nature.
>Professionalism: Learn to deliver and follow accurate briefings. Following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Our expert BOLD Leaders are ex-services with years of experience in delivering courses and will ensure that you feel confident with your training. This course will significantly advance your skills, delivering all the necessary training for you to react, respond and recover any Security situation.

These learning exercises build up to an immersive real-life surveillance simulation, where participants will insert themselves into a test area and must observe a number of events, using their new skills. You must apply yourself to these realistic scenarios to deal with any issues arising!

You will conduct operations around real building features or reconnaissance of a walled enclosure for 100% authentic real-world training, requiring patience and courage.

Perhaps you have an interest in the security services? These basic skills are highly relevant to this field, which is now more prevalent than ever. Beyond skills development this residential will also give you an insight into the very real world which is out there, with exciting group discussions that explore the role of Agencies operating surveillance in the UK and the need to balance protection with freedom.

 DofE GOLD Residential

Proving very popular, challenging and testing, this course has attracted some really capable and motivated young people. Stretching participants and pushing their boundaries, you will receive a number of inputs about the basic skills required for surveillance operations as well as insightful personal experiences from a number of the Leaders. Altogether this is a highly unique course unlike any other available, giving participants a much broader, deeper appreciation for Surveillance skills than they arrive with.

Inspiring young people, this transformational course will leave you motivated and organised.

I loved the whole course – learning unorthodox new skills, meeting new people and exploring a new area… it’s been a great week!” – 2017 Participant

Each of our residentials feature a friendly arrivals, introductions and teambuilding session to help you settle in and get to know the group. At the end of the week, one-to-one evaluations, reflections and summary session allow you to see everything you’ve gained and plan your next adventures.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the DofE Gold Award, our residentials can also qualify you for a John Muir Award by giving you the chance to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places. With many wild places to discover in our immediate vicinity, this award involves spending some time exploring a natural area, contributing to its conservation and sharing your experience through a medium of your choice. This will require some light group work ongoing throughout the week, involving conservation such as village maintenance, a litter-pick or some other action which gives back to the local area.

All food, accommodation, mentoring, guidance, Leader support, insurance, residential activity and development booklet, the chance to achieve a John Muir Discovery Award at NO extra cost, assessment and report £350.00.

The venue is a bordering onto open countryside, the Venue is approx 11 miles NW from the City of Sheffield.

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GOLD Residential Surveillance & Associated Skills