Open BRONZE Practice Expedition




OPEN Practice Expeditions are open to any individuals looking to complete the Expedition section of their Bronze Award after doing their training. Based out of the rural village of Bolsterstone, possible routes take in the picturesque Yorkshire countryside and Peak District National Park. A combination of farmland, wooded valleys and open moorland offers ideal navigation and walking practice for any style of terrain. Our highly experienced leaders offer second-to-none tips and advice on all topics including map reading, bearings, camp etiquette and safety procedures, giving you all the skills you need to complete the award.

The Bolsterstone area is perfectly suited for DofE expeditions and provides beautiful, wild scenery to explore. The expedition area is completely bounded by arterial roads which make ideal safety catchment features for groups to navigate towards in case of emergency and allow rapid access to leaders.

Following a 10am arrival in Bolsterstone, groups will plan their routes under the supervision of our leaders before departing. After a day’s walking, Bronze groups will spend their night at our favourite quiet local campsites, with plenty of time to consolidate their skills and build rapport within the team. Each day leaders will join the group to help work through the DofE syllabus and identify areas for improvement. Groups are typically ready to leave by 2-3pm on their final day.

This expedition has the potential to be a hugely rewarding and unforgettable experience. The countryside is magnificent and spectacular, taking in green deciduous forests, rivers, reservoirs and hilltops.
The view down from Bolsterstone

All camping accommodation, mentoring, guidance, support and your personalised Report are included in the price.

Participants are expected to have their own Expedition equipment, however if they do not have a tent, rucksack or stove we can assist in this but there will be a small hire charge of £5 per item per day. We ask for this as it is to offset wear and tear and any cleaning charges necessary, as well as the cost when the item has to be one day replaced.

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Open BRONZE Practice Expedition