GOLD Residential Photography the Great Outdoors



The cost includes all food, accommodation, camp-cot, activity related equipment, transport once at the venue, mentoring, guidance, insurances, support, residential activity and developmental booklet, assessor involvement and subsequent Residential report.

The Residential:

Only the GOLD Level of the Award contains the Residential Section, and here at BOLD Adventures we expect GOLD Standards across the board from our participants. As well as the theme of the course, all participants are ultimately attending to meet the conditions and requirements of the GOLD Residential Section, simply attending does not mean an automatic pass. Participants are required to integrate fully, to communicate effectively and to participate as fully as possible, in the set activities, and whilst doing so, remaining positive, supportive and collaborative of one another and the Leaders in order to get the most out of the opportunity. We encourage a ‘growth mindset’ and hope each and everyone of those coming for the week can accept constructive feedback, all we want for every person is a rewarding and empowering experience.

Our Residentials are not that prescriptive, we present a ‘no frills’ experiential learning opportunity, one which will have plenty of ‘thrills’ though regardless of what the theme of the selected course is, we aim to deliver an amount of ‘stretch and achieve’ technique, where participants are required to come on a journey out of their ‘norm’, to an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. This journey requires some extension out of their ‘comfort zone’ in order for there to be an amount of subsequent ‘personal development’.

We would like to assure participants and parents that the anxieties and emotions the GOLD participants face, having to travel to attend on the Residential are all deliberately induced, but these are natural to feel, it is known that these memories and experiences develop the individuals greatly. The more they face and experience such hardships enables them to come to terms with them and develop their own coping strategies going forward.


The course is pitched to a varied level of attending participants, some will learn lots and others might learn less, it is what it is, we can guarantee that the Photographer who runs the delivery has plenty of Skill and experience to impart knowledge, develop skills and offer roles and tasks to provide opportunities to gain practical experiences.

The course covers an array of core matters and from the initial inputs the participants are taken on a seamless journey of learning, sharing, discussing and embracing new ideas, new approaches and then getting the opportunity to put into practice new techniques whilst they are still fresh. Terminology, characteristics and process will be introduced and embedded throughout the 3 action days of the course. To enable the successful outcomes the group visit an array of locations to capture said beautiful locations, equipment and portraits. The course also covers the consideration, selection and editing of images taken, in order to get the most impressive examples of the developing photographers talents.

It is hoped participants might have their own photography equipment, if anyone needs support we are happy to help where possible. We would of course like all participants to be happy with their peers taking photos and footage of them as a natural part of the course, here at BOLD we would like your approval to use such images to display the quality of the work produced as well as showcasing some of the places you visit and activities you have the opportunity to take part in?

We have a variety of potential tasks which will give purpose, responsibility and ownership on live projects, which are designed to get the participants thinking, being imaginative and creative in order to deliver exceptional outcomes?

We hope all of this might sound unmissable?

We look forward to hearing from you!

GOLD Residential Photography the Great Outdoors

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18th – 24 February 2019,
8th – 12th April 2019