IF you go down to the woods today…

 local wood outdoor activity 

You’re in for a BOLD ADVENTURE!

We are excited to offer this opportunity for your learners to come and experience a morning or afternoon in the Woods with our Leaders. We have created a programme of incredible outdoor activity days all about getting young people out to engage with each other and their surroundings. We are blessed with many exciting yet unfamiliar natural areas right on our doorstep, offering healthy, interactive activities to complement those covered in the classroom. Let your pupils find their feet in a fresh environment, with new chances to pick up great skills and knowledge under our relaxed, professional supervision. We tailor our packages to suit their learning needs, giving them a brilliant chance to explore, discover and take away our positive vision emphasising team work, courage and respect.

Our experienced leaders cover a range of hands-on activities that get the most out of the surroundings and young people. We use tranquil woodlands surrounding Yorkshire reservoir venues, contributing to the appreciation and management of our environment through small-scale conservation tasks.

Many of these exercises map onto the National Curriculum, giving brilliant fieldwork knowledge which can be applied in the classroom. We emphasise the importance of education in life, relating outside experience back to school where you may be covering similar themes. BOLD Adventures make an excellent addition to the typical school delivery.

Lunch and drinks included with Marshmallows by the fire!

Activities on offer:

Ages 4+ Forest Faces

Brilliant fun kinaesthetic learning, making plasticine faces for the trees and encouraging expressive arts.

Woodland Wander

Mini wildlife walking tour covering the Flora and Fauna, Bark Rubbing, Edible Food and Safety, clearing debris on the Forest Floor.

Pond Dipping

Exploring the world of bugs, insects and microorganisms, explaining some basic ecology, habitat awareness and the incredible diversity of life. 


Ages 6+ Trees of Life

We teach how to care, understanding and wonder at their role on Earth!


Fuel Forage

Finding, grading and stockpiling wood, a Hands-On task involving listening to instructions and working together


Safety in the Woods

Hazard awareness and basic First Aid skills. Covers slip and trip, eye injuries, health and hygiene, poisons, allergies, immune and central nervous system.


Ages 10+ Making a Fire Base

Building and interpretation, quality checking. We emphasise taking pride in work and satisfaction of achievement/ accepting feedback.

Wisdom of the Flame

Understanding the fire triangle, responsible behaviour and usage of fires – rights and responsibilities, paying attention, active listening, being responsive.


Lighting the Fire

Picking up and mastering fire starting bushcraft skills with the flint/magnesium striker.


All ages Recognition and Reward

Toasting marshmallows as a shared outcome for being professional and productive. Explain healthy diets, positive feedback.

Open Fire Stew

Vegetarian or Meat stew prepared in pots on the fire to demonstrate what is possible in a woodland environment.

Buddy Up approach

Working on sharing and caring, responsibility and trust. Emphasises Every Person Matters.


Pick ‘n’ Mix to suit you!

 Morning Sessions 09.30am – 12.30pm, Afternoon Sessions 1.30pm – 4.30pm

The 3 hour package is designed for up to 30 learners

Please get in touch to discuss prices, dates and other details… we’d love to work with you!