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The course like all BOLD courses is delivered by well qualified and experienced Leaders who deliver well thought out and scripted micro teaches : theory complimented periodically with practical to embed and then further develop the associated skills. Like every BOLD adventure it is essential that all practical activity is underpinned by knowledge and understanding of the topic.  Underpinning knowledge undoubtedly assists in outcomes and success. throughout the course the following gives an idea of some of the things which will be covered:

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    • Communication Skills
    • Self Esteem
    • Self Confidence
    • Personal Resilience
    • Personal Character / Tenacity

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What we charge for these 3 full days is less than what a renowned TV survivalist charges for one day, that is the value for money we offer.


The acronym SURVIVAL and planning frameworks to give coping strategies for your future. Then more areas and subjects are dealt with: Shelter Building, Where and how to source foodstuffs, despatching and preparing for consumption. Fire preparation, lighting and maintenance, cooking on an open fire. Water identification, selection and collection as well as purification. You cover and use a Dutch oven, Kelly Kettle and Maori Oven. You will learn to navigate using primitive methods and produce sketch maps for use on the course. You will have to meet agents and visit caches to gather information and resources. You will cover search and rescue techniques. The training will encompass the basics in order to give you the skills to survive all you have to do is participate, a well known Survival phrase is “If you want to survive, you have to take part in your own rescue.”

The training comes together to ensure you can cope with a full survival day on the Thursday, where in teams you display and demonstrate what you have been taught,  in essence proving you’re a worthy BOLD Survivalist. As well as this we carry out some small scale social impact projects from which the community benefits and where you as a Participant gain a John Muir Discovery Award.

*The course cost of £250.00 includes all Food, Accommodation, Instruction, Equipment, Transport, Mentoring and Certification.

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